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★ Street Outdoors Party           ☾ S.O. Soundsystem DJ set 

02 June - Lycabettus | Athens 

07 June - Les Zazous | Thessaloniki 

19 June - Arcade | Thessaloniki 

23 June - Elephant Beach Bar | Chalkidiki 

29 June - Euro Pride Closing Party | Thessaloniki 

30 June - Street Food Festival | Thermi 

01 July - Glo Private Party  | Athens 

05 July - Lovely Days | Athens 

06 July - EMST | Athens 

07July -  Lemon Beach Bar | Katerini 

13 July - Meet Prespa | Ochrid 

19 July - Choreuto Camp | Pelion 

21 July - Makai Beach Bar | Chalkidiki 

26 July - Rochari Beach Bar  | Tinos 

27 July - Peponi Beach Bar  | Kavala 

28 July - Seazon Beach Bar | Chalkidiki 

31 July - The Monastery of Karolos | Chania

03 August - Surf Lessons Kolibithra | Tinos 

06 August - Omma | Tinos 

07 August - Pezoula | Lemnos 

09 August - Bokeh |Chalkidiki 

10 August - Olympus Open Air  | Litochoro 

25 August - Festival Portokalias  | Kythira 

31 August - Gray Sky  | Livadia 

01 Sep - Peach Boy Kapani | Thessaloniki 



Sunday May 12 This is Athens City Festival and Street Outdoors are joining forces, this time for the first party ever in Koumoundourou Square, from 16.00 until 23.00. A party that starts with Hip-Hop and finishes with House, Techno and Electro sounds. Street Outdoors presents a super fresh line-up including Istanbul Ghetto Club in their first ever live appearance in Greece, our own Street Outdoors Soundsystem and Joseph , member of ATH KIDS and Stegi Radio. Istanbul Ghetto Club (LIVE) An anonymous artistic initiative with its roots in Berlin’s avant-garde scene, Istanbul Ghetto Club has emerged out of nowhere to become one of the live sensations of the last few months. A fusion of East and West, underground and mainstream, its music is a delicious blend of genres.


On stage, Anatolian melodies, modular synthesizers and acid sounds collide in live sets that are as psychedelic as they are surprising. Currently working on a debut album, Istanbul Ghetto Club also takes care of the artistic direction of the interdisciplinary Postklub label. Joseph Mouzakitis Joseph Mouzakitis is a DJ / visionary artist based in Athens. He brings a brand new sound out of rap culture, mixing hip-hop with afro beats and electronic music from basements to festivals and from festivals to overseas gigs. He is a member of the DJ of ATH Kids collective, known for their contemporary creativity, reshaping Athens identity and putting it on the global scene. Now Joseph’s latest vision has come to life by founding the Escapade project, which is all about the world from his point of view and giving a breath in the city with the “escape plan” for him as well as for anyone seeking it.

Street Outdoors Soundsystem The Street Outdoors Soundsystem DJ crew, consisting of the Greeks Jiles & Jose Amba, offers musical pleasures without strict limits to the selected genres as they carry in their bags from heavy house to rare disco and techno tracks. They are also known for the Street Outdoors parties they organize throughout Greece satisfying even the most demanding, having made a remarkable search in music and alternating between them with back to back DJ sets. ΤAKEN BMX With a vision to expand the culture of skateboarding and bmx, the crew of Taken will present an open bmx session with aiming in creating awareness and promoting the urban culture that is becoming more and more established among young ages especially after the inclusion of sports in the Olympic Games.


Sunday, May 12,

16.00 - 23.00

Koumoundourou Square,

10436, Athens.


Entrance Free

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